The Team

Michael Cox
I started The Insatiable Gamer in my lounge with a group of friends, it has since grown beyond my wildest dreams and I am proud to be part of a team spanning multiple cities and countries where we value integrity and honesty in all our reviews and articles.
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Daven Parsons-Piwari
I've been reviewing games since 2008 and never really stopped, ever since my PS2 game reviews were published in the newspaper. I was the first writer brought on board for TIG, which gives me one of the highest levels of clout among the website. When I'm not working on reviews you can keep an eye out for my semi regular satire articles.
Clarke Scrimshaw
As anyone who knows me will tell you, I talk about three things: Freelancer, Monster Hunter, and Banjo-Kazooie. The foremost was my first review for The Insatiable Gamer, back in 2015, and I've introduced quite a few colleagues/friends to the Sirius System. TIG isn't just a place to write impartial news, it's also a place to make friends and join our community.
Matthew Nichols
I've been with TIG since 2016 and have loved every minute of it. I have a strong passion for games, especially difficult ones, and I love that this job lets me evaluate my favourite hobby. When I'm not playing and reviewing games, I continue to practice my writing skills by reading and writing short stories.
Dion Gardner
I'm currently a student studying Educational Psychology, The Insatiable Gamer for me is a fall back for when I eventually don't get a job with my degree... McDonald's is the fall back for when TIG ceases to exist. Jk Jk I love TIG and every Member and though I may not be the most useful member in the team, I am still a 'member' and until they fire me I will use that to brag to my friends with. I guess I should say something serious now, my favourite games are Tinder and Flappy Bird.
Angus Grant
I emerged from the womb holding a Gameboy Colour and Donkey Kong Country and haven't shut up about it since. Childhood years I spent outside when I should have been in a dark room illuminated by a computer screen and my teenage years were spent in a dark room illuminated by a computer screen when I should have been talking to girls. I joined TIG in 2016, and since then have been more than happy to combine my two first loves: writing and video games. I will passionately defend video games as an art form and call out journalists for doing their jobs badly. Favourite words are: "here's your review key"
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Kyle Wallace
When I was asked by Daven if I'd like to join the site, I thought "God, what a weird birthday present this is". Since then, I was brought on as the first member of TIG to not be from Australia or New Zealand, but instead hailing from Scotland. You always have to keep up that diversity quota somehow! I have a big raging heart-on for RPGs, which I will happily talk about for great, exhausting lengths at a time. I'm so glad to have joined a team of awesome guys who put up with my sporadic work ethic. But remember, when it comes to games, it's Luigi's Mansion or nothing.
Devon Nuku
I joined TIG after accidentally moving into Michael's house for a time. He moved away, but our love was strong and so I started writing for TIG to stay in contact and I love the industry so it was a perfect match.
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Ross Wardrop
I'm currently a student of History and Ancient History, I also have a job as a waiter in a trendy little cafe, as well as writing for The Insatiable Gamer. I originally come from the UK but moved to New Zealand when I was quite young, meaning I have the laid back kiwi attitude, but a voice that sounds condescending no matter the situation. I love reading, gaming and drinking, often combining drinking with the other two. My favourite game is Alien: Isolation.
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