This title was reviewed on PS4, but is also available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and is leaving Early Access on PC. 

The karting genre is not one that is easy to enter. Genre-giants Nintendo have been dominating the scene with their Super Plumber mascot for many years, and only our nostalgic favourites serve as spice in the otherwise Mario pot of soup. Developer hasn’t tried to do anything spectacularly new with the tried and true formula but delivered a game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing with people hailing from a range of skill levels – and that was exactly their intention.

All Star Fruit Racing is a class act game that brings a tried and true formula to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch; bringing kart racing fun to platforms which have been in dire need of them, and combating that italian kingpin for the crown.

All Star Fruit Racing packs everything you’d expect in a kart racer: Online, offline, career, championships, time trials, split screen (up to 4 players), kart customisation and much more to fill your greedy little garages. Like almost all kart racers, All Star Fruit Racing is devoid of story. Now that’s not a bad thing as long as it brings you home with clean gameplay and stellar multiplayer and it has both.

Like most modern kart racers (and most old) All Star Fruit Racing has all the classic tropes: Drifting to gain boost around corners, a whole host of characters and powerups. Something that I particularly enjoyed was the way in which powerups were earned. Instead of your usual “get the random powerup” All Star Fruit Racing has you collecting different types of fruit which accumulate to unlock certain powers depending on the fruit. This brings a little bit of tactical driving to the tracks; Not only will you be driving, drifting and jumping to win – but also collecting the right fruits to get the right powers to ensure that long lasting victory.

5 + a day:

That’s my clever way of saying positives. Because fruit and stuff. I played this title on a PS4 Pro, so I expect different systems will have different graphics (obviously), but honestly this is one crisp looking game. The art style adopts the cartoony looks we have come to know and love from other kart racers but brings a fruity twist that helps All Star Fruit Racing stand out.

Something that I really enjoyed and noticed really quickly was that all the playable characters are female, and they’re not the usual over-sexualised female characters you see in most games. This is just some nice family friendly fun! The kart customisation is awesome and brings more options than most, colour everything from the body to the rims and even your aerial! There’s a large variety of tracks spanning 5 different islands each with their own unique style; summer, winter etc. The splitscreen is clean and fluid and brings a much needed couch co-op racing experience.

5 – a day:

Hahahahaha classic. What a good joke. Honestly, I don’t have anything to complain about. All Star Fruit Racing is a solid competitor in the Kart racing genre and all it needs is a bigger player base so I can actually play multiplayer! (Damn you review access) Other than that, there were a couple little nit picks. #1: If you drift/powerslide and then hit a jump while sliding, the animation continues in the air and #2: the in-between menu systems are a little bit annoying. More intuitive menu systems could help speed up racing times and make it less of a smash “button” to continue.

The wrap-up:

So, you’re here to decide if All Star Fruit Racing is worthy of your precious time. Short answer: yes. Long answer: This is a great game worthy of your time. It’s accessible to all skill levels, up to 4 player splitscreen and a whole heap of content that will keep you entertained for ages. If you’re looking for a fun party game, a dedicated kart racer or even just something to jam with your mates online – I can’t recommend All Star Fruit Racing enough. With a big enough player base, there’s heaps of room for DLC and new gameplay additions as well!



  • Huge kart customisation options
  • Fruity family fun
  • A whole cast of female characters who aren't sexualised
  • Awesome variety in tracks
  • Clean, crisp controls


  • Can somehow drift in midair
  • Menu systems needs revisiting
  • I haven't played a single online multiplayer game

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