Amazing New Skyrim Mod Lets You Piss Your Pants in Real Life

The modding scene truly is a bizarre and wondrous place. With mods ranging from texture upgrades, to new quests, and even mods that let you murder children, the change you can make inside the game world is limitless. This mod however doesn’t just change the game Skyrim, but also affects you in real life! As strange as it may be, this new mod called PissRim, changes certain lines of code within the game that make you piss your pants. It sounds crazy right? Well the modding geniuses have figured out how to do it, and it works surprisingly well!

Of course I needed to try this out for myself to see whether this mod really lives up to all the hype. The mod took me a while to install, since every time I open up Skyrim I get the urge to vomit, but I eventually overcame this and was able to successfully install the mod. Hearing the opening theme had me incredibly excited. I was about to experience Skyrim in an entirely unforeseen way. Opening up the game and beginning to play, I wandered around for about 5-10 minutes until I looked down. Sure enough, there it was! I had pissed my pants. All over my trousers and legs was urine.

All I could think of at the time was “Oh my goodness! The mod works!” until i realised that my room was slowly flooding with piss!  I had been peeing the whole time and I didn’t even notice. I turned the game off, and was ultimately very satisfied with my experience. It promised exactly what it said, and all in all the end product really was something special. I would highly recommend giving this mod a try, just make your you’ve got a colostomy bag on hand.

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