Ark: Survival Evolved to hit Xbox One before Christmas

Unless you’ve been living under a Brontosaurus or avoid Steam Early Access like the plague then you’ll be somewhat familiar with the dinosaur taming, kill-or-be-killed open-world game Ark: Survival Evolved. From Studio Wildcard, the title made a fantastic debut on PC, and with learnings and a spear in hand, is now making its way to Xbox One’s Game Preview Program on December 16th.

Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak claims, “You’d be hard-pressed to find another game anywhere that has a huge and persistent open world, tens of thousands of unique A.I. characters, 70+ players per server, and exciting lore and endgame content – as well as single-player, non-dedicated and dedicated server modes”.


Rapczak goes on to cover platform choice and the benefits of Xbox Live for Ark: Survival Evolved over PC, mainly highlighting the restriction of cheating, huge improvements to gamepad controls and the ability to host personal 50+ player servers on a second console. The game, while enjoyable and mechanically sound is notoriously known for its hardware demands and poor optimisation on PC. Rapczak states that “ARK on Xbox One will be the smoothest gameplay experience for the majority of gamers…” meaning that introduction to the Xbox One will also allow the studio to address these issues and iron out the games main issues.

On release into the program, the game will apparently feature plenty of  Xbox-exclusive Founder’s content, including a bionic “Tex” T-Rex skin, Ark Founder’s Hat skin and Ark Founder’s trophy.

For more information check out Xbox’s official blog post. Watch out for Ark: Survival One releasing into Xbox One’s Game Preview Program on December 16th.


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