This DLC was reviewed on Xbox One, but is also available on PC and PS4.

Months later and I’m still enjoying Odyssey and it’s trickle-down DLC’s. The combat still feels fun and fluid, the progression is still very much a slog but one I’ve learned to enjoy, the ship combat is still super satisfying… And the DLC don’t disappoint thankfully. This second episode of Legacy of the First Blade shifts the focus off of historical context and back to Alexios/Cassandra and their fight against the Cult. There’s some new toys, some good story and character moments, and an overall satisfying 3 – 5 hour playthrough that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and continues to stick with what’s worked.

So to talk about the DLC’s story, it’s not super deep since we’re back in the present for the majority of the DLC. The historical background is still here for some of the episode, so you won’t stay with Alexios/Cassandra the whole time, but you will for most of it. As with the last episode, you’re trying to destroy a new branch of the cult that’s suddenly popped up, The Order of the Storm. The boss of this branch, The Tempest, is a naval mastermind, so as a result, a lot of your fighting will be at sea, some of it with a new toy; a ridiculously powerful frontal flamethrower for your ship. Believe me, that’s just as wildly fun as it sounds.

Also, The Tempest is designed in a pretty damn cool way, and I’m liking how this Cult’s costume design and concept kind of carries over what Origins did with it’s cult group into Greek times. So far, each episode has introduced some really cool branches, and while they aren’t super crazy in design or uniqueness, they’re far enough apart that I can appreciate how cool and mysterious they do come off at times. There’s also a new skill, and more importantly, really well delivered, emotional character moments. I won’t spoil anything else for you story or progression wise, but overall, I was just as satisfied with this as I was with the first episode.

I guess that’s really about it. If you liked the first episode, definitely pick this up. The focus on naval combat had me really entertained because of how well done the ship combat is done in the game as is. Getting to focus on that as part of the developing story was a lot of fun, and the new toy definitely helped me enjoy the hell out of it. I can’t wait to continue my Odyssey in the next few episodes, especially Atlantis; if this episode is any indicator of how an underwater city story will go in this world, I have every reason to get excited.



  • Satisfying length
  • Cool new cult branch
  • Focus on Naval Stuff is Nice and Fun
  • Really good character development


  • Historical background wasn’t as interesting as Episode 1


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