At Sundown: Shots in the Dark is Loaded up and ready to fire following its release

The stealth based, top down, frantic, lots of different genres arena shooter At Sundown:Shots in the Dark was released yesterday. Developed by Mild Beast Games and published by Versus Evil this fresh new title is playable with up to four players on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC.

At Sundown features a totally new take on the online shooter genre with the entire map being covered in total darkness with players only being able to see themselves, enemies can be seen when they run, shoot, or walk into or trigger a light, meaning that you may literally spend your time shooting into the dark! Damn good use of your title there Mild beast kudos.

19 weapons, 18 maps, and 9 game modes all makes for one full multiplayer experience with players being able to play online or locally against AI. At Sundown appears to have enough content to have the discerning gamer enthralled for near endless suspenseful and stealthy death-matches! With weapons ranging from shotguns to sniper rifles to pistols and blades, there also appears to be enough weapons to outfit a small army and certainly give you enough ways to beat the enemy. Each weapon has different light mechanics either giving away a lot or a little bit of light per shot, or none at all meaning your choice of weapon could mean the difference between life and death.

Steve Escalante, Versus Evil General Manager had this to say about their latest brainchild.

“ At Sundown: Shots In The Dark is sure to test even the closest of friendships, the four player party aspect and tense dynamic of using darkness to your advantage really cranks up the fun factor, it’s a testament to a great formula of game design from Mild Beast Games and a great fit for console. It’s definitely one of those rare titles where ‘just one more game’, will be a frequent occurrence.”

At Sundown Launch Trailer:

At Sundown: Shots In The Dark is available now on PS4,Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and PC

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