Very rarely do we see video games based on books. Even rarer is seeing one based off a scholastic children’s fantasy series. Well that’s what Beast Quest is. While Beast Quest seems to have a vast amount of novels, this is the first video game entry, and so far it’s rather unimpressive.

Beast Quest is a rather basic open-world RPG. The hero of the story is Tom, who is approached by a Wizard, tasked with saving the world and finding the Beasts in order to foil an Evil Wizards plot for conquest. Players roam around the world, fighting monsters and doing quests in order to gain experience.

Beast Quest looks really bad. The character models and environments aren’t rendered properly half the time. The plastic look is more reminiscent of something like the original Fable rather than a PS4 title. Not only that, but the animations are incredibly poor as well. There seems to be little to no transition from animations, and they all look incredibly bizarre. There’s no real sense of style. It’s a flavourless game. This blandness bleeds into the story as well.

I haven’t read any of the 110 Beast Quest novels, but I assume at least 1 of them is good. It would have been nice if the game had a single iota of originality. Unfortunately it doesn’t. It’s as generic as you can get. A young boy is chosen to be a hero for no reason, and he must stop an evil wizard. The “plot,” if you can call it that, involves the hero traveling to different locations finding the beasts. It’s so bare bones I’m honestly astounded they’ve managed to make so many different books.

The gameplay for Beast Quest actually has potential, but is unfortunately hindered by a number of issues. The game world is fairly open ended and allows you to go backwards and forwards with ease. There is a lot of places to explore, but unfortunately there really isn’t anything note worthy there. The combat is so close to being interesting, but unfortunately ends up being really painful. Every enemy encounter locks the character in a duel, where the player needs to predict what the enemy will do and strike when they are vulnerable. The first issue with this is that it’s so easy, all you need to do is spam the attack button to win. Even on the hardest difficulty, literally anyone would be able to beat the game with ease. That wouldn’t be so bad, if the controls weren’t delayed. It legitimately takes around 2 seconds for the buttons to register in combat. It’s so uncomfortable to play and I don’t understand how they managed to do it. Coupled with the consistent 15 fps, it’s an absolute nightmare to control.

Beast Quest is an example of what could have been a sleeper hit. A little bit of hard work and polish could have made Beast Quest a really fun game, but the lack of effort in all departments throws that notion out the window.



  • Some potential


  • Awful Story and Design
  • Bad Gameplay
  • Poorly Optimised


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