Bethesda will be giving free in-game rewards on its streams! #BE3

Bethesda returns to Los Angeles for their 5th E3 Showcase. Tune in to check out the latest from Bethesda, including some exciting world premieres and an in-depth look at the hotly-anticipated DOOM Eternal.

The Showcase kicks off at 5:30pm PDT, and this year Bethesda is streaming through more platforms than ever before. In addition to Twitch and YouTube, check out all other options here.

Tune into the Showcase on Twitch for exclusive giveaways:

The Elder Scrolls Online

Earn five Ouroboros Crown Crates and a Clouded Senche-Leopard mount – delivered in-game by June 19! To qualify, PC/MAC players must link their ESO and Twitch accounts on before the Showcase. Xbox One & PlayStation 4 plyers must log into ESO on June 9 between 3pm EDT and 11pm EDT and kill any one monster in the game.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends & RAGE 2

  • RAGE 2 – Get the exclusive Twitch Assault Rifle skin just for tuning into the Showcase on June 9. You’ll receive your skin during the week of E3.
  • The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Crush your opponents in style with the all-new, exclusive Ancestor Moth card back! Watch the Showcase on June 9 and you’ll receive your new card back during the week of E3.
In addition to Drops, Bethesda will also be doing its usual Trivia/Polls/Announcements through the Twitch Extension. The fun and games will start happening on the channel 90 minutes before the show starts.

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