BOMBFEST explodes onto consoles and PC January 31st

Sudden Event Studios and Whitethorn Digital are excited to announce their frantic blast of a party game BOMBFEST will arrive on Xbox One, Switch, PS4 and PC on January 31st for $19.99.

Players will battle with bombs to be the last man standing with up to three friends in local multiplayer. The last man standing at the end of each round earns the most points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Duke it out in wooden forts, on folding chairs and inside a kitchen sink, just don’t get caught in a chain reaction of explosions!

BOMBFEST features 2-button controls and simple mechanics that are quick to learn and fun to master, meaning that anyone can pick-up and play!


  • 4-player, local-multiplayer
  • 10 unique bombs
  • 12 hand-crafted stages
  • Plenty of modifiers and options
  • Unlock new bombs, stages, characters and more as you player
  • Free content updates after launch adding new bombs, stages, characters and accessories.

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