Calling All Pilots, Galaga Wars Is In Full Flight!

We received a message from deep in our galaxy: We’re in danger again, 35 years after the first galactic fight! Aggressive alien enemies such as “Bee”, “Butterfly”, “Scorpion” and many more have invaded in GALAGA WARS, a new galactic mobile game. We need you, pilot!

Are you a fan of the retro arcade game Galaga? Well it has hopped into the Delorean and come to the future so you can play it on your smartphone. If you aren’t a fan of Galaga but still want to suit up and join the battle, then you can! I’ll give all of the Galaga fighters a run down now.

As a Galaga fighter, it is your job to kill all insects with any means possible. Whether it be by blasting them with lasers, blowing them up with rockets, or by dropping mines on the queen bees. The battle will be tough so you need to be tougher, make sure you upgrade your arsenal to stay battle ready. A pilot is nothing without his vessel, so select one based off of the original classics, and fly off into the battle field. Don’t be afraid, you are not alone in this battle. There are others, the thing is you have to save them from hordes of insects to activate “twin mode”, giving you double the fire power and double the killing potential.
GALAGA WARS comes with an epic soundtrack, responsive touch controls and beautiful graphics. The question is, can you defeat the swarm?

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