This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on PC.

Chicken Rider is an endless runner game developed by Red Dev Studio. I recently did a review on a another endless runner style game, Rolling Sky, and I said how I get addicted to them very easily. However, Chicken Rider did not continue this trend. There are unfortunately very few things that I liked and enjoyed. Check out my thoughts below:


You are a polar bear riding a chicken. The polar bear wants animal freedom and during a rescue attempt of a chicken, set off an alarm and now YOU must ride the chicken to escape.


Chicken Rider is a sidescroller where you will try to get as far you can without being caught or colliding into an object. You will also be collecting coins along the way which can then be used to purchase upgrades, new chickens, and clothes. The side scroller aspect is a nice change of pace for me as most endless runners I have played have you running forward. However, this is where one of my problems with the game comes through, there is a lack of diversity in the running and dodging of objects. You will be pretty much just pressing the jump button in time to avoid people and hard objects.

Coins. Coins. Coins. They are everywhere throughout your run and you will be constantly collecting them. These can be used to purchase one time use upgrades, clothing, and new chickens. Everything is quite expensive though and while you get a fair bit of coins at the start of the game, you start to get less and less as you progress. For example, I did maybe four runs and had about 12000 coins which I thought was heaps! Then I found out that a resurrection to continue is 60000 coins. I feel like this really brings the general gameplay down, sometimes there are moments where you really feel like you couldn’t have avoided a death just so that the game can entice you to spend coins.

Graphics and sound
Chicken Rider is best played while have something going on in the background such as music or TV as the music in the game really gets on your nerves. The graphics aren’t anything to write home about, but are serviceable and cute.


Chicken Rider is good for some simple fun, but there is nothing here to get invested in. After a few runs you really have seen it all, the use of coins in Chicken Rider doesn’t really help you much and with everything being so expensive in the first place there really is no point grabbing anything. I love endless runners but with the lack of diversity and gameplay mechanics there is nothing to keep me coming back to Chicken Rider.



  • Simple quick fun


  • Grindy coins
  • Lacks diversity
  • Feels like game forces a loss

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