Code Vein Reveals its Battle System

Code Vein, the dystopian ARPG has had its battle system unveiled and explained. After character creation, the protagonist will be joined by Louis and Io. She is knowledgeable of the world around them, but has no memory, and Louis is searching for Blood Beads as a substitute for human blood. These co-op companions are optional, but will also be a nice distraction for enemies. They also provide the benefit of sharing health when needed and boosting skills.

A buff in use.

Their is a gift system in place, where players can use up to eight gifts that temporarily buff, or a special ability. Also, a stamina gauge will be present. Completing a successful drain increases your Ichor points, as well as maximum Ichor stock. A special drain has the same effect for Ichor, but also inflicts huge damage to enemies. A special drain is performed after a combo attack, parrying successfully, or attacking from behind. This Ichor stat is used to present gifts and use abilities. A focus system also allows players to be rewarded for throwing themselves into danger, allowing them to throw enemies up in the air and negate attacks. It seems Code Vein‘s battle system is fairly diverse and interesting, but only the release will tell.

Louis, potential co-op companion.

You can view the trailer below

Code Vein will be available early 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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