When I heard this was coming out, I was so excited. One of my favourite series hadn’t been forgotten! After playing most of Darksiders 2  (I got it in my third ever bundle okay), and then going back and buying the first Darksiders, THQ had captured my imagination.

As the Deathinitive Edition really is just a current gen port with a graphical update and some extras, I probably won’t have enough to talk about to fill this review, so I’ll be adding things about the gameplay itself (which hasn’t changed) as well as some of my own speculations.

So to start off with, the Deathinitive Edition has been released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and what a lot of people don’t seem to realise, on PC. The original Darksiders 2 version has been taken off the Steam store, but players could purchase the upgrade for hugely discounted price. If you owned the Franchise Pack you could even upgrade for free. My only problem is that while I own everything in the pack, I bought everything separately last year and the upgrade isn’t available for me (probably need to talk to someone about that).

Fantastically bringing the game into current gen is the 1080p resolutions on all platforms (the original PC release was 1080p60), and it shows in things such as the lines in Death’s mask being deeper, his muscles more defined, and the ruins and constructs showing off their new craggier faces. Every texture has been remastered for a native 1080p experience.

Squad Reunion
Squad Reunion

At the moment, I do not know whether Deathinitive PC is running at 30 or 60fps, but it is certain that both Xbox and PlayStation versions are capped at 30fps. It’s a little disappointing seeing as last gens versions were locked at 30 as well (save the PC), but even at that it still manages to judder a bit.

Also, there is in fact more content. No, not story or gameplay, but actual objects in the world. One of the issues in the original Darksiders 2 was the barren landscapes, with a few trees speckled here and there. Now we have fucktonnes of foliage. Instead of just riding through bare paths up an exploding mountain, you now have rocks creating a more interesting battlefield.

But what good would all this be if the lighting was shit? That’s exactly what the Nordic devs thought, and so they completely overhauled the lighting system, changing positions of previous sources, adding more, and creating a world brought to life by its own sun, stars, and magic. They also decided to rework how things were rendered changing to a physically based system, which means every different substance in game reflects light as it would in real life.

See how that lightning is reflecting off the grass?
See how that lightning is reflecting off the grass?

I think the only let down is that this is the exact same game. The animations, while good for last gen, have become a bit stilted and not as fluid as current gen, especially when speaking to characters. But honestly that’s the only thing.

So of course Nordic have said that this has possibly been their platform from which to launch Darksiders 3. I am more than amped for it, and already speculating on who of the Horsemen we get to follow next. Hell, it might even be a Horsewoman. There are points to why either would appear, from Strife’s two guns Mercy and Redemption appearing in the last two game, to Fury being a nice change in pace from her two male predecessors. Either way, I’ll be playing it.



  • Much more beautiful
  • Less barren


  • Stilted animations


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