De Blob proved itself as an innovative and unique platformer that is still able to hold up on the new generation of consoles. It’s sequel, De Blob 2, originally released in 2011 on the Wii, has found a place in this new generation. However, is De Blob 2 worth it as a sequel and for those who played the original on the Wii?

The main antagonist from the original game, Comrade Black, returns to power in Prisma City, and his company INKT Corporation strips the colour from the world. This turns the population into a mindless drone-like species. It is yet again up to the aptly named hero, Blob, to bring back the colour to Prisma City with the assistance of the Colour Underground. Similar to De Blob, this game has you liberate different lands one after the other. However, Black has significantly grown in strength and tactics which makes for a more exciting story, such as INKT taking members of the Colour Underground hostage. There are a number of bosses Blob confronts, one in particular I struggled with was the huge monster created by a factory accident. I was surprised by a more sophisticated and twisting story.

The main gimmick and concept of the De Blob games is that you are able to change and mix the colour of your body using paintbots to bring back colour to the world which will stop INKT. By making contact with the environment and mixing 7 different colours you can create your own 3D world. The missions given to you by the Colour Underground return too, including races, defeating waves of enemies and colouring significant landmarks. Similarly to the original De Blob, I found as I was nearing the end of the game that these missions became very boring and repetitive, as well as painting everything in my surroundings tedious at times. There are a number of new elements to the already fun gameplay. As you complete different levels you are able to earn “Inspiration Points” which can be used in the Idea Emporium which allows you to strengthen Blob with the likes of defensive boosts. I found that the worlds in Prisma City to be a lot of more interactable for Blob with background items, such as a flying car, to be more present which I enjoyed. For the worlds themselves did seem pretty similar to the ones from De Blob, but this was made up by the worlds being a lot more platforming focussed. I personally liked this as it felt like the game was less as repetitive and adding another element to the game. Scattered around these worlds are power ups, such as a rainbow which lets Blob use all 7 colours at once. My favourite new addition to the gameplay was the dash attack which let me speed up the game and defeat large amounts of enemies at once. I found the overall gameplay and mechanics to be improved from the first game.

A co-op mode returns also to De Blob 2. However, this time it is set in a Super Mario Galaxy like setting with the players navigating around an orb. The second player controls Pinky of the Colour Underground with the purpose of completing different puzzles to reach and defeat bosses, who play a much larger role than in the story. This was the main difference from De Blob, and I found this not quite enough to set De Blob 2 apart from it.

Exactly like the first thing I noticed when I first launched De Blob, De Blob 2 has an incredibly bubbly and fun soundtrack that perfectly fits the idea of the game. Also, as you slowly bring back colour to that world, new instrumentations are added, which let you feel that you were making real progress and spiced it up so you couldn’t get sick of the music.

There were a couple of mechanical issues, with jumping still feeling like you float for too long that puts the player out of orientation. In the later levels and in co-op mode it often cost me as the bosses would use it to defeat me. Also, in the corners of avenues or near rocks, the camera seemed dodgy and I found it hard to paint certain areas.

Overall, De Blob 2 is an enjoyable game with a few changes upgrades from the first De Blob. I dont believe it was able to set itself apart from the original. For those who have already played the game on Wii, I would not recommend this as aside from visuals there have been no changes in this remaster and it still has the same flaws it did in 2011.



  • Fun concept and great gameplay
  • Brilliant use of the soundtrack
  • Good story with surprising twists and turns
  • A new co-op mode


  • No changes made in this remaster
  • Missions can feel repetitive as progress is made
  • Jumping and camera mechanical issues

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