DEAD OR ALIVE 6 bolsters line-up of fan favourites

Hot on the heels of its 15th of February release date announcement, KOEI TECMO have just revealed 4 fan favourite characters making their return in the newest installment in the series as well as a brand new stage.

The 4 fighters are:

  • ‘The Killer Kunoichi’ Ayane. Ordered to hunt down her half-sister Kasumi after she left their clan, Ayane utilises a fierce style of Ninjitsu and moves so refined opponents will have a hard time seeing what’s coming.
  • ‘The Wicked Lil’ Servant’ Marie Rose. Marie out manoeuvres her opponents by using her small frame to her advantage with her constantly fluid Russian military fighting style.
  • ‘The Super Secret Fighter Chick’ Honoka. Using her own fighting style known as Honoka Fu, this 18 year old wrestling fan utilises incredible strength and the moves of fighters she has observed over the years.
  • ‘The Man Who Overcame Death’ Bayman. This former professional assassin is one of the OG Dead or Alive fighters, debuting in the PS1 version of the first game. He uses his deadly Combat Sambo to devastate foes.

The new stage introduced is known as ‘LOST PARADISE’ and is set in a lush jungle environment. Plenty of hazards await such as giant eggs, their giant Pteranodon mother, an electric fence as well as a giant T-Rex which awaits below.

DEAD OR ALIVE 6  comes to consoles and PC, February 15 2019.

Check out the trailer:

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