Degrees of Separation reveals gameplay walkthrough trailer

Modus Games and Moondrop are kicking off the New Year with a bang, by sharing with us an in-depth look at the rich narrative and dynamic gameplay in their upcoming 2D puzzle platformer Degrees of Separation. Featuring the work of acclaimed fantasy author Chris Avellone, Degrees of Separation represents a new challenge for the Fallout: NV writer as he tackles the world of platformers and a touching fantasy about relationships and polarity. The game fittingly will release on Valentine’s Day.

The game tells the tale of Ember and Rime, a boy and girl bound to the forces of warm and cold, who set off on a vivid journey where upon meeting they are instantly divided by their 2 disparate world. This manages to drive them together and apart on a journey to bridge the gap between them. They are prevented from touching each other by their differing elemental affinities, and they explore the magnetic potential of opposing forces. Each level represents a different stage in the couple’s relationship, and thus offers a new mechanic that the 2 protagonists will have to master in order to progress.

Degrees of Separation arrives on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam on February 14th 2019 for £15.99, and you can check out the trailer below:

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