This DLC was reviewed on PC, but is also available on Xbox One and PS4.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 was not considered by the company to be a financial success in its first year, but they’ve been seeking to change that by altering the experience for new players. Firstly, they gave the base game away from the 2nd of November to the 18th to make their DLC more accessible and lucrative and compiled all first year DLC into a single Destiny 2: Forsaken package. Now that Destiny 2 is significantly past the twilight of its first year, the annual pass is the new content that they are pushing to their consumers. The content released already significantly differs from what was seen in the previous year but is it worth the price tag?

The annual pass like many modern games’ season pass is a promise of future content sold in bulk to get players committed to the game. At the moment the hefty $52.95 USD price tag would seem to be in a similar price range to a standard full game and unlike previous releases does not have a campaign in the traditional sense. The first of four quarterly additions to the pass, Black Armory has some promise with an exciting raid, the forge activities and an exotic quest. This time there is no campaign from which to level up and so there has been some backlash from the community with Bungie striving to lower the difficulty of the forges which very few players were able to get through on the first day. As for anyone that was expecting an addition to the game’s lore we are yet to find much beyond the history of the latest vendor, Ada-1 a golden age exo who heads the Black Armory. Unfortunately, there’s not much to know about the mysterious organization as that’s what it is, mysterious. The little that we do find out from collectibles explains the spite toward guardians and the early creation of exo’s.

Gameplay wise there is much more to come but the current forges are a fun and challenging experience. While they don’t offer any new environment with the world map already being crowded, they are a new way for players to make the hassle of leveling up enjoyable once you put in the effort to reach it. The new guns use already existing perks and are fairly standard aside from the hammerhead which is one of very few machine guns at the moment.

For players who own Destiny 2: Forsaken but not the annual pass there is still content as listed under the season 5 tab as seen above

Without spoiling too much about the raid itself, it is the most enjoyable of the content released so far. Filled with fun pop culture references, engaging puzzles that require efficient teamwork between all players and the closest thing to exploring unfamiliar territory the game has had since the last DLC. Even without introducing anything that’s entirely new to the series, there is a lot of fun to this rare 6 player experience. If you’re going to buy the pass, this is the best reason to.

The annual pass is not something that should be referred to newer players. It seems like Bungie has gone all in with trying to get players to participate in their previously released content, stating that the new content is all an extension of the endgame experience. Players that were hoping for new PvP maps, story content or settings will be disappointed. The sheer effort and repetition of the leveling experience is not friendly to those who have not levelled up fully as the game expanded. The raid content and a few of the forges offer the best part of this game, challenging co – operation. If the Raids are your favourite content in this game, then it’s worth a purchase and you can spend plenty of time working them out with friends in your fireteam. Unless you’re all out of things to do though or you have a burning desire to clear the scourge of the Past raid then put this pass on hold. There may be better reasons to pick it up throughout the year once more of the full package is revealed.



  • Highly Engaging Co-op
  • Unique PvE


  • Designed for veteran players
  • Barrier to entry
  • Slowly delivered content


Destiny 2: Forsaken


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