Destiny 2: Black Armoury – Thoughts So Far

Leading up to her full review of the new DLC, Nikola shares her thoughts so far.

Last Week saw the release of the latest content from Bungie, Black Armory. The first of Destiny 2: Forsaken’s annual pass releases with the promise of ongoing content as this expansion fully unravels. Unlike previous content releases which had an immediately playable extension to the story, Black Armory introduces a new challenging PVE activity and more recently what may be the most exciting raid to date. While it doesn’t compare to the scale of Forsaken it offers ongoing content to be consumed weekly in concord with Destiny 2’s weekly reset structure and compliments content being released to all forsaken owners.

The power level increase became a new barrier to surpass as the forge activity requires players to level up before they will be able to defeat later waves within the time limit. Something which harkens back to Escalation Protocol, the similar activity of the Warmind DLC. In contrast to this and the Blind Well it feels like the only limit to progressing through each wave is the player’s skill and power rather than how quickly and where enemies will spawn for each objective. On top of this there is an immense satisfaction of hurling the batteries you’ll collect off glowing enemies back into the forge. So far, we’ve been introduced to the Volundr and Gofannon forges which provide the Hammerhead LMG and Ringing Nail auto rifle respectively. The only current downsides to this content are the power requirements that will be harder for new players to reach and the last forge is yet to come.

As for the latest raid, “Scourge of the Past” Design Lead Brian Frank had this to say, “The team could not be more excited for the Scourge of the Past Raid to unlock tomorrow and accept challengers to be the first to fight their way through the Last City and recover a forgotten secret of the Black Armory”. This is the first raid set in the semi-apocalyptic urban setting of the last city’s outskirts. The raid is Fallen themed and has plenty of intermediate sections to bust out your sparrow. Whilst other raids have puzzled many and taken some time to work out, this raid is less complex on the logical side with the world’s first completion happening just a few hours after release. So, get ready for a more exciting and lighter endgame content experience. Frank also commented “Dust off your sparrow collections. You’re going to want the right perk, and the right look, for crossing the finish line” a hint for completing part of the raid. Get your fireteam together and start raiding!

Lastly Destiny 2’s recurring holiday event has just started. Bright engrams have been replaced by Winterdrift engrams which provide the holiday specific rewards and the new Vendor Eva Levante who gives you an oven to bake your NPC friends’ preferred treats. They each have quirky and lovable names such as my top three, Gjallardoodles for Zavala, Gentleman’s Shortbread for Devrim and Dark Chocolate Motes for the Drifter. Making these treats will get you the new legendary LMG, the avalanche so start making goodies for all your favourite Destiny 2 characters.

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