This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on Xbox One.

Doodle God: Crime City is a puzzle game in where you will either commit crimes or solve crimes. The puzzle elements come from forming two pieces of information together to discover a new piece of information. Doodle God: Crime City feels a mobile game that has been ported over to the Switch especially with the weird controls and the in-game currency use to purchase hints. Puzzle games are always hit and miss with me as I tend to find most of them either uninspired and samey, or dull. While there are puzzle games that manage keep me entertained… this was not one of them. Check out my review below:


There are two main modes in Doodle God: Crime City; City and story. They’re both pretty much the same gameplay wise, apart from the fact that in City you will be matching items together that will gradually build up a city. While in Story, you will have to play through different scenarios such as robbing a bank or stopping a thief as a cop.

In story mode while matching all these items you will also get story snippets alongside which is important to pay attention to if you want to get a fair idea of what to do next. I got lost many times by forgetting to read the little bits of dialog. Eventually after completing certain events through the story, you will acquire badge symbols or criminal mask symbols; these are earned whenever you do something like handcuffing a criminal or robbing a store clerk. While acquiring these you will see your percentage bar increase which lets you know how close you are to finishing the story, although if you do too many things wrong you will fail and have to start the Story from the beginning.

City mode has you completing a ton of puzzles which in turn will build the city around you. Unfortunately, you don’t get any customisation so there isn’t really any real satisfaction once you have completed it.

If you are ever get stuck in the game, you can buy hints with in-game cash, although I found that the hints don’t seem to be very helpful at all. All it really does is give you a piece you have to find but not a hint on what items to make it with. There is a wheel that you can spin freely every so often to get more cash or hints and other stuff if you are getting low on cash, otherwise if you have cash spare you can spin the wheel as much as you want. I kind of wish it wasn’t there in the first place but I guess that’s just taste.


Doodle God: Crime City‘s lack of diversity when it comes to the puzzles is really what brings it down so much. Having a city building mechanic to completing puzzles is a good idea but it has also been done better in other games which gives you more customisability with the city. The controls for the game really are a pain; having to use the bumper buttons to go back on one section of the puzzle is frustrating and accidentally pressing the B button will close it outright. Having to rely on cash to buy hints is also a bad mechanic, it really should have been just use a hint if you get stuck and then maybe a cool down of 5 minutes like in other puzzle games. It’s not all bad though! The story mode was interesting enough with being able to do one story as a bank thief and the other as cop in a pursuit, which made for some interesting puzzle combinations.



  • Unique Puzzle mechanic
  • Story mode is alright


  • Hints cost cash
  • Gets boring
  • City building could have been better
  • Lack of diversity

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