What is it about mobile games that keep me coming back to them? When I started TIG, I never thought I would be reviewing one-two mobile games a week whilst giving the ‘bigger’ titles to my team. But here we are. Doomwheel was developed and released on both Android and iOS by Katsu Entertainment, upon looking at their site I found a game named Sausage Bomber. And I shall review that. I shall. Released August 2017, and with two DLC packs dropped since then, Doomwheel has consistently been praised for its new take on the endless runner genre and the humour combined within it. The game was developed in unison with Games Workshop and brings a unique twist to the Warhammer Universe.

It’s difficult to develop a game that brings something new to a very saturated genre. My classic test of uniqueism is playing the game in front of my partner. Her very first comment was “I like the setup” by this she means instead of the usual 2D/2.5D side scroller or Third person runner, Doomwheel instead opts for 45ish degree-quasi side scroller. It works. Like really works. It brings a whole new way to play, and coming from someone that detests endless runners; I loved it. You play the role of a brilliant Skyre Warlock Engineer, rise through the ranks of the ratmen building the most powerful doomwheel ever along the way. Take out clans of Dwarves, Goblins and other Clans to earn warpstones and take over the map.

Rat-a-tat-tat what’s that? It’s positives:

As mentioned above, Doomwheel brings a new perspective to the endless runner genre. It feels fresh and fun and will keep you coming back for more. Your main character (which you even get to name) will offer quips of clan hatred and it comes across very ratman-like even though it is in the written form. The central currency in the game which you’ll use to upgrade your vehicle and unlock parts of the map is easily earned but is also available for purchase. It’s important to balance a game like this between offering that in-game currency too much and thus making the game easy, and not enough which cause the game to feel pay-towin. Katsu Entertainment found the balance perfectly.

I don’t have a cool and funny joke, negatives:

My biggest gripe with the game was the sometimes the randomly generated maps would cause a huge jump to be just before a ledge causing an impossible (to me) jump resulting in my death. The other small issue I had was around the nature of the missions which come up in each section of the map. In some instances, it would be kill “however many whatsamacallsits” but then I would go an absolutely massive distance and not see a single one! I mean, I just had to replay the level. But still.

So, should you get it?

Yes. This is an awesome take on an endless runner. Whether you’re a fan of rats, the Warhammer Universe or you just like destroying stuff; you’re gonna have a whole lot of fun playing this title. The game comes in at $2.99USD and you’re getting a lot of play value out of it.



  • New spin on the genre
  • Customisable Doomwheel
  • Humorous content


  • Randomly generated maps a bit funny
  • Missions sometimes hit and miss

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