Dragon Ball FighterZ Live Beta Dates Announced

An open beta for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ game will be available to certain pre-order customers.

The dates have been announced as January 13th to 16th through Xbox One Live and Playstation Network, beginning and ending at 7pm AEST Sydney time.

In addition it was announced that Beerus and Hit would be featured in the game as well as Goku Black Super Saiyan Rosé.

Also introduced in this Dragon Ball fighter is ‘Dramatic Scenes’. These are cutscenes which are triggered mid battle upon the player meeting certain conditions.

As well as all this is the release of two new trailers, intro videos for SSGSS Goku and Vegeta below:

The game will be released on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam on January 26th 2018.

More information regarding the aforementioned beta, characters, scenes and release can be found on at: https://www.bandainamcoent.com

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