From Dusk Till Casa Bonita brings us the first full-fledged story DLC for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Vamp kids have captured Mysterion’s (Kenny) little sister Karen in an attempt to “make friends”. But Mysterion sees right through this coy plan as they are attempting to convert her to the ways of the Vamp. It’s your job as The New Kid to see a stop to it.

Mysterion sees to it that you are adequately equipped to deal with vampires and grants you the Netherborn class. This thing packs a punch and a half. Sticking with the same combat system as the base game you have three standard abilities and your ultimate. However from what I’ve played with the other classes this one seems far more adaptable, mixing ranged with knockback utilities. I did increase the difficulty for this one as it’s pretty OP with the right DNA strand and relics equipped.

Casa Bonita
That’s some expensive burritos
What do you get in this 3 hour period?

Well some classic South Park absurd entertainment for one. Along your quest line you’ll have to earn or defeat Vamps and collect relics to open the VIP party room. There’s a pretty cool arcade with three wee mini games to choose from, obviously a relic is a prize. Other than that it’s some basic dungeoneering and puzzle solving. Oh and a platforming water level that’s actually fun!

South Park

The Arcade

I think this was my favourite part, three pretty cool mini games to take part in to earn arcade tokens.

  • A Flappy Bird remake with Kanye West riding a rainbow farting unicorn, because obviously.
  • A shooting range in which you can harness your timestopping fart power to cheat the system for max tickets.
  • Finally a skeet ball esc game but the twist is you use your butt for added accuracy

There’s some pretty high powered artifacts to buy from the arcade vendor too so playing around for a bit is a good idea to save up for some new gear.

This kid has an incredible pelvic floor
The Vamps

The Vamp Kids are everywhere and have recruited kindergarteners to their cause which actually pack a surprising punch! You will find the combat somewhat varied. Each encounter has a unique boss element you’ll need to work out, whether it’s a gorilla frying Mexican food or just some old dude that wants to be a vampire too. Your new powers will come in handy in dealing with them, they all have heaps of life steal and it sucks to go up against. You do get to recruit Henrietta the goth chick to your side which is really cool, it seems no one likes these Twilight wannabe vamp twats.

South Park

Worth it?

If you’ve already grabbed the season pass no doubt you’re going to love this. As for those of you that are going to need to fork over the almost $20 for this DLC, I think its teetering on good value and okay. You get a fair amount of gameplay for your money, plus bonuses that carry over into the main game which is nice. I would have liked more but that’s only because I got lost in it for so long. Three hours of gameplay is more than reasonable for a DLC.

This is the second DLC pack released for South Park: The Fractured But Whole, first as far as story content goes. My personal opinion with this title is that while the season pass is still affordable it would be a great time to jump on it. There’s an additional story DLC slated for late 2018 release.

I’ve sunk so much time into this game already and I love it! If you haven’t already, you should check out our review of the base game here



  • Engaging story and quests
  • Awesome new abilities
  • Great new costumes
  • Funny surprise boss fight


  • Couldn't bring my go to squad with me
  • Vamp abilities got repetitive


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