E3 2017 Is Just Going to Be E3 2009 Remastered

With remastered titles from yesteryear becoming an industry standard, this year’s E3 2017 aims to reflect that by replacing the schedule with a graphically enhanced video recording of the 2009 E3 press conferences instead. The announcement comes just 6 weeks before the expo is due to take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center – the same venue as the 2009 event. As always, people can purchase tickets to see the event (recording) live, or catch the stream online.

Some notable displays from E3 2009 that fans are looking forward to include Crackdown 2, Halo 3: ODST, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, The Last Guardian and many more. For a lot of us, these were part of our childhood, and we might be okay with companies profiting from this as long as they agree to let us forget about Metroid: Other M and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. 

“People are disappointed by E3 games every year” said one person we asked outside JB Hi-Fi. “This way, instead of being disappointed by all the new releases, we can look back on games that we remember fondly from many years ago. Personally I’m looking forward to reliving a time just before the Assassin’s Creed franchise peaked.” Organisers decided on the move because they “probably couldn’t really be fucked aye” according to our other source, the guy working at the Kmart electronics counter.

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