Sometimes when you rummage through the Steam store, you can find some really interesting and obscure indie games that captivate your attention. Unfortunately, Endless Horde is the exact opposite of that. It is an example of why indie games have the bad reputation that they do. Endless Horde is a top down tower defense game, where players need to protect scientists by placing military units to fight off zombies. I tried to ignore the generic concept when going into this game, but it seemed just as uninspired as the title.

Like I said earlier, Endless Horde is a tower defense game, similar to Bloons Tower Defense. When you start, you are immediately dropped into the map, while zombies spawn and attack your scientists. You only have access to two units at the beginning, but you gradually unlock more as you level up. The first few tries will most likely fail, as the game is rather fast-paced and zombies hunt the scientists down like rabid dogs. The more you play, the more you learn about the mechanics like closing doors, repairing, and using explosive barrels. On my 4th try, I guarded all my scientists with the strongest unit and used the explosive barrel to kill off the stragglers. This attempt lasted for about 15 minutes until I got bored and wanted to see what I unlocked. Unfortunately, you only level up when you fail.

I had unlocked a few new units that had no discernible difference except that they did more damage. I also unlocked a few buffs, like more scientists and gear. Though ultimately all the stuff was there to lengthen the experience. I’m sure you can probably tell, but the gameplay is incredibly shallow. There’s no thought or strategy to where you place your units, you just put them on your scientists to protect them. The start of the game is only difficult because the units you have are worthless, and the only way to get better ones is to die and level up. It’s an endless cycle, and is honestly really boring.

Endless Horde
The zombies take their sweet time getting to the scientists.

The presentation and design of the game is nothing special either. It has an incredibly simplistic menu with very limited options. The art design is so basic and inoffensive, it seems like it came straight out of a basic development kit. The really bad part is the sound design. The game is not only really loud, but the sound effects and music are terrible. I would rather listen to nails scraping on a blackboard than to this godforsaken soundtrack one more time. At least the music stands out, unlike the rest of the damn game.

Endless Horde is the worst type of bad game. It is forgettable, bland and uninspired. I would feel bad for saying these things, but honestly, a zombie tower defense game is such a dull concept. I doubt the developer even cared, and neither should you. Don’t buy this game, it’s not worth the hard drive space.



  • Inoffensive


  • Gameplay is bad
  • Design is bad
  • Uninspired

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