Epic fantasy Forged of Blood comes to Steam August 1st

If you’ve ever dreamed of leading a brave band of heroes on a fantasy quest across a magical land, then Forged of Blood is about to make that dream come true.

Releasing on Steam on August 1st, Forged of Blood is a turn-based strategy game. Its Tri-Axis Personality dynamic ensures that every choice you make has far-reaching consequences for the world and its people. This, while the nine different weapons and build-your-own magic system promise that you’ll have all the tools you need to defeat your enemies. If you don’t, that will be on you.

Forged of Blood offers an epic fantasy tale that plays out over a 30-40 hour campaign with three narrative arches to choose between, allowing for up to 64 possible ending combinations. Here are just a few of the features you can enjoy as you venture into the land of Attiras:

  • Utilise turn-based squad-based tactics in a fantasy world

  • Use nine varied weapons and abilities to build a squad not constrained by class

  • Explore a vast and complex magic system that offers true creative freedom

  • A world at war – lead up to three parties and fight to reclaim an empire

  • Be the hero, with no right and wrong answer, every decision guides Attiras’ future

  • The Tri-Axis Personality Plot affects how the people and the world react to the hero

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