ERICA is available now on PS4!

In a surprise reveal during Gamescom, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Flavourworks have revealed that ERICA is available now on PS4. In this pioneering live-action thriller ERICA has players shape the fate of Erica, a young woman thrust into the middle of a murder mystery, connected to the traumatic events from her childhood.

Players can either use a controller or the ERICA Companion App (iOS or Android) on you mobile device, to physically manipulate the world around Erica and the story. If you want to cause a scene – slam the door open, or enter quietly by slowly peeking through doors. To pull you deeper into the story, the speed and movement used on the touchpad will reflect on your screen tactilely and change the story.

Immerse yourself in this mysterious and gripping story where high-fidelity Hollywood production values meets engaging and nuanced gameplay, with a haunting and mysterious score from Austin Wintory (Assassins Creed Syndicate, Journey, Abzu).

Key Features

  • Pioneering live action video format: ERICA allows players to immerse themselves and manipulate live-action video in a seamlessly flowing experience
  • Shape her story: Within the branching narrative, every choice has a profound effect on what the player will see next, with frequent decisions allowing continuous interaction, ERICA is great for playing individually or in groups
  • Innovative Play: Play with the DS4’s touchpad or your mobile device, allowing for a higher degree of sensitivity in interactions
  • ERICA is an interactive entertainment experience: A third pillar that unites both the film and video game mediums where the story and the player’s interactions are the most important elements