The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Shows Off a New Insanity

The Evil Within 2, the aptly named sequel to 2014s The Evil Within, has just received a launch trailer. This gives us a glimpse of the twisted world awaiting us in Bethesda’s hit horror series. The Evil Within 2 follows on from the story of Sebastian Castellanos, who has to dive back into the warped world of STEM. However this time the mission is personal, as he is searching for his daughter Lily. Sebastian lost his daughter years ago in a house fire, and is desperately trying to get her back. The horrific scene from the trailer of Lily’s burnt body is truly chilling, offering a hint at what is awaiting us.

Sebastian will face many new evils in the world of STEM. The horrific creatures are sure to frighten the pants off of you, but there are darker things lurking within. There are two human adversaries that are fighting for control of STEM, and are also looking for Lily. The first in Father Theodore, which I took a look at earlier, and you can read here. The second is Stefano, a photographer who is warping the world to his will. Theodore and Stefano are not working together (at least as far as we know) so they offer different, yet equally terrifying, threats.

What these men are after, and what they are going to do are unknown. I cannot wait to see what Shinji Mikami (the genius behind Resident Evil) has waiting for us in this game. I can only imagine it’s as warped and demented as the first. Exactly what I am looking for in a sequel.

The Evil Within 2 will hit stores on Friday the 13th of October 2017, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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