This title was reviewed on PS4, but is also available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Fall of Light: Darkest Edition is the console edition of what was a successful PC game. How did it fare?

With a short and sweet intro, we are thrown into the main menu – I guess it’s time to start. So we hit “New Game” and are advised that “Normal” difficulty is the only option. That’s right folks, no “easy” way out here! Just below you can see difficulty “Nightmare” however you must first beat the game to obtain such accolades… The background is based on where you will start as a player in the game and as you can imagine there are not too many colours to be enjoyed (hence the name of the game). A melodic piano and a beautiful Halo-esque voice echoes in the background as the screen plunges into darkness for your first step to the game’s story.

A terrifying woman’s voice enters the fray followed by cinematics similar to  the graphic quality at the start of the game, blocky but it has its own attractiveness. The woman proceeds to tell you the tales of the past with this being your core base in terms of story mode,  a sorcerer named Pain and the savior of light named Luce went to battle.The gist of the story is that basically the hero failed to be the the hero of the day and Pain struck down Luce and the world was plunged into darkness….

Enter main protagonist, okay so it bugs me that the main player does not have a name, however I find a lot of indie games for whatever reason opt not to name the character. Reasons to me are unknown and maybe it allows you to name him yourself. Whatever the reason, it bugs me as I am ALL about the story and where it takes a specific character. Anyway, let’s name him Edgar, as you can’t get too attached to a warrior with that name and if bad things happen you won’t be too emotionally attached.

You are an old warrior set with the task to take your daughter Aether to search for a distant land that contains the last visible remnants of sunlight. Aether is known as an Indigo child and her body emits a faint light with her aura granting you increased strength and abilit. Unfortunately, from this point on the game takes a turn from what was considered a relatively strong PC indie game. I found that unfortunately the transfer to console did not reflect well in the slightes.

Now, it is not that the quality of the graphics are bad, as I generally think the aesthetics are quite good, especially considering a majority of the game is played in a dark setting. However, in sequences where the enemy can move through walls or if Aether is called to my side and she appears to be running directly through a rock, is where the game falls short. These mechanics detract you from the story and you lose any sense of immersion with such noticeable game mechanic issues.

Speaking of Aether being by your side, one of the games mechanics are you can call your daughter to your side and hold her hand at any given time easily by holding square. Now in a dark game such as this, you wouldn’t expect anything funny to happen. However, if you tap square you can hear your daughter sigh in what I can only describe as a similar sound to Navi (the little fairy from Zelda), I guess it gives you an indication of where she is? I never really understood this game mechanic, but if you repeatedly hit the square button then the game goes from an intense, dark mood to what I thought was hilarity at it finest with Aether sighing left, right and centre. Anyway, I thought was a flaw in the game as I couldn’t understand why it was there and why it was allowed to spam the sound, fortunately after 5 minutes of laughing it actually turns to more annoyance and you never do it again… Touché developers, touché!

The game has some aspects that are in its favour, I thought the actual travelling through levels was great and had a similar structure to Diablo III however it was let down through its gameplay, graphics and controller to game lag issues. The gameplay comprises mostly of battling in which the system is greatly flawed, from having to calculate if you are close enough to the enemy to actually land a strike or watching the enemy slash randomly into thin air only to hit you with a stray shot. There does not appear to be any sync or rhythm to the battle system and this is unfortunately not helped with the lag surrounding the controls, this may be down to the transition from PC game to Console. I am sure this can be fixed and providing it is, the game will have a proper chance at success.

So the indie title Fall of Light: Darkest Edition has the potential to be a worthy game however unfortunately due to its current game mechanic flaws, controller to screen lag and the most basic of battle systems I cannot recommend the 21.50NZD price tag associated to the game on PSN at least.



  • Storyline
  • The Levels and backgrounds
  • Boss fights


  • Game to controller lag
  • Basic and flawed battle system
  • Some aesthetics - enemies and Aether can run and move through objects such as walls / rocks
  • Price-tag for the game


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