Final Fantasy XIV Online Receives a Spooky Event and Teases New Content

Final Fantasy XIV Online players are in for a spooky time as the Continental Circus returns to All Saints Wake. If you make your way to the woods of Gridania between 19th October to the 1st November can have a unique experience. In those woods are a traveller, who will tell you where she has come from, and why she came. As part of the in game event players can earn costumes. Meaning you can look spooky all year round in a stylish wolf costume.


There is also a spookier thing coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online. On the 24th October, there is a new patch coming to the game with a bunch of stuff. There is a new battle which is of a higher difficulty than “Extreme” and “Savage” difficulty. So for the hardcore players out there, a new challenge awaits.

Excitingly there is a free trial period for new players. So if you are interested the game and want to adopt a fursona during Halloween just follow the link at the bottom. The trial allows you to experience everything on offer up until level 35. You can make up to 8 playable characters too so the level cap isn’t that bad. There are also a bunch of different races and classes to try out, giving the game a bit of flavour.

Check out the free trial here!

To buy the game and the StormBlood expansion click here!

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