First Reveal of Parkasaurus’ Dino Park Creation System

Parkasaurus is an upcoming dinosaur management game.  The below video is a first look from Washbear Studios reveal how to build a dinosaur habitat and keepp these prehistoric animals happy.

Parkasaurus is set to release later this summer, built to challen players with not only guest management in a unique dinosaur zoo experience, but to care for your dino friends by crafting perfect exhibits, decking them out with cute hates and travelling back in time to save these dinosaurs from their demise!
Since the announcement last year the devs have integrated a ton of new features that are officially being revealed today, including:
-Designable exhibits for your dinos with multiple layers of complexity
-Dino accessories like sunglasses, neckties, beanies and more! -Dino breeding and egg care
-Seasons and weather that provide new challenges throughout the year
-Night time where park lights affect your attendance
-1st person view
Players interested in Parkasaurus can add the game to their Wishlist at

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