Fission Superstar X coming to Xbox One and PC

The upcoming space rogue-lite Fission Superstar X from Turbo Pelvis 3000 Inc. is launching this May on Xbox One and PC. In this relentless shooter you will blast off in Dr. Leopold’s bomber and tour the solar system in an attempt to achieve the demented dream of an insane scientist!Fission Superstar X

The game takes place in a wacky version of the solar system, with 9 unlockable ships, 64 different kinds of weapons, over 100 crew members of different forms, 70 different enemy types, and over 20 different environments. Fight your way through these environments and face off against giant bosses! The game includes multiple combat types, with up-close and ranged weaponry while being able to dodge and block with your shield. Assemble the perfect crew for your ship and install the most destructive weapons but be prepared to be faced with decisions to make such as weather to repair your ship, heal your injured crew or upgrade your stats. You will decide the best courses of action, such as docking at a station to dodge an angry planetoid or skip that to travel through the colourful space aurora.

Be prepared to die a lot, but it will make your victory all the sweeter! Check out the trailer below:

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