Frantics is the latest PlayLink title that puts the controller in your smart device and has you pitted against your friends for victory and triumph. Narrated and hosted by the creepiest animated fox that I’ve ever seen, Frantics takes advantage of your smart device’s gyroscope to race, jump and fight your way to the podium. I personally love the PlayLink series of games, it’s an interesting way to incorporate video games into groups or families where everyone playing with a controller is inaccessible or too pricey. This is the first PlayLink game that I’ve come across that actually has mini games inside it, as opposed to the other titles I own which focus on trivia and questions. Starting up Frantics has you take a photo, choose your name and you are assigned an animal (it scans your photo but may be random, as I feel I’m a dog not a giraffe but whatever Sony).

Like other PlayLink titles, the game is less about the journey to the win as it is just winning. It is possible to win right up until the very last round, and winning along the way just gives you a better chance. It’s an awesome way to keep every member of the party playing. It stops the classic rage quitting and giver-uppers who chuck it in as soon as they start to lose. I’ve never had any handling issues or connectivity problems when playing the various titles, and Frantics is no different. It’s an easy setup and play kind of game, and it’s part of what makes them so enjoyable. Frantics, has you pitted against your friends in what tend to be a last man standing style of competition. From a parachuting game of chicken to an endless runner with more traps that you know what to do with Frantics stands out from other PlayLink titles by having more engaging games rather than trivia or question based activities. This combined with the secret missions and coin system, provides plenty of fun and challenges for everybody. Taking advantage of your smart device’s gyroscope means, controlling your character is done through moving, tilting and rotating your device whilst simultaneously using the touchscreen to use your extra action. It’s a fun and intuitive way to control a game where multiple controllers are not an option.

It’s got an interesting-kind of creepy- design style, which fits in nicely with the other PlayLink titles. Cool, odd, interesting and eye catching. Your narrator and game host Fox, gets incredibly irritating at time and I soon got sick of his talking. But apart from that in terms of faults, this game is pretty great. I came across none and that was playing with just myself and my partner (she won) to also having some mates around to play with 3 or 4 people. There were never issues with connectivity and everyone had modern devices, whether a worse device would struggle remains to be discovered. My main flaw I had with the game was when trying to play with my IPad Pro; it was impossible to do any of the minigames as well as someone with a mobile phone or even compared to myself with a mobile. Whether this is because the gyroscope is less sensitive, or if the game was more angled towards a phone perspective. I will never know, but my IPad very nearly got smashed when my partner constantly wiped the floor with me. 

Frantics is in by no means a huge game. Like other PlayLink titles, it’s aimed at being a family-fun or friend play together kind of game. Not a sit-unmoving-in-your-own-filth-20-hour-epic-adventure. But that’s not why we play them, and for what it is and what it costs. It’s awesome. I would strongly recommend checking out Frantics, as well as the other PlayLink titles when you can.



  • Fun
  • Quick to setup and play
  • An interesting difference to other PlayLink titles


  • I was really bad
  • Tablet play
  • My Girlfriend beat me almost every time

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