“FROMTO Party Crash Demo” started on INDIEpendence Day

Everyone in the United States celebrated Independence Day on July 4th. Studio Erikson joined them and made it a worldwide INDIEpendence Day with their FROMTO Party Crash Demo. The demo is available now for everyone on Steam – open end.

Fromto is a hilarious party sandbox racing game where up to four players build the levels together. Then they race on their self-made unthinkable crazy tracks to make it to the finish first. Fromto is true multiplayer party madness: grab some friends, start the game and have an unforgettable fun time!

Although some key features are (obviously) not included in this free demo version, the game is still featuring its best parts. You can play online or offline with up to four players in two awesome levels. There is plenty of content and fun here, so make sure to get this little “INDIEPendence Day” present from Studio Erikson and Headup now.

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