Gameworks And High School Esports League (HSEL) Forge Partnership

High School Esports League (HSEL), the largest competitive gaming organization serving high school and education facilities in North America, is focused on making esports available to every student as a legitimate varsity level sport in high schools throughout the U.S. HSEL achieves this by working with faculty to easily offer students the chance to engage in healthy esports competition, surrounded by peers while supervised by teachers. A new and exciting venture with GameWorks, national venues which provide a platform for game play, practice and competition, will further galvanise esports’ legitimacy for students across the States.

GameWorks’ seven venues will provide HSEL members several benefits at its modern, high-tech, high-touch esports lounges, including free practice time for teams and individuals during designated times on weekdays and weekends; competition space for teams; and, special exclusive offers of food, drinks and time play.

The partnership between GameWorks and HSEL is designed to help players emphasize their studies while also advancing their gaming skills. “Through this arrangement with HSEL, GameWorks is helping high school students improve their gameplay skills while considering professional player paths and also recognizing the importance the role of academics plays in their future careers. By opening up our venues to HSEL players, we are providing a safe, comfortable and state-of-the-art environment for up-and-coming high school players. We are confident that players exposed to our lounges will have a great experience and be afforded the chance to improve their skills and game,” said Philip N. Kaplan, chief executive officer at GameWorks.

HSEL’s founding members – Charles, Mason, and Aaron

Seeing the legitimacy of esports (and gaming in general) gather momentum is something that warms the hearts of us older members of The Insatiable Gamer; the time of gaming utopia is nearly upon us, and it’s really cool to see collabs like this cropping up (even if they aren’t in New Zealand!).