This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on PC.


Okay, apparently I can’t just have a one line review. So instead I’m going to go into this and actually say what I think about Gato Roboto. Will this game be purrfect or will it fail to land on its feet? Read on and find out!


Art Style

So the art style here is quite middling to me. On one hand, I am a sucker for pixel art. But, on the other hand the black and white aspect makes the game seem dull. But again, the black and white aspect oddly takes me back to the days of the Game Boy in a reverse sort of “subverted retro” sort of way. Over the years we’ve been spoiled by the art choices of the Metroid games, and that means we need to be a little more critical here. Why is Metroid relevant? I’ll explain soon.


You’re Kiki, a kitty cat who ends up on a dangerous planet. After a short journey you find a mech suit. Chaos ensues. Simple it may be, bad it is not.

Honestly the “story” is more about you exploring this massive underground labyrinth, uncovering conspiracies, and finding all of the bosses before killing them off so you can get off of the planet that you’re stranded on. This is perfectly fine considering the genre that this game is a part of, though the long cutscenes explaining plot points aren’t a welcome addition for the sake of pacing.


And here is why I brought up Metroid; this game is a metroidvania game. For the uninitiated, a metroidvania is commonly typed as a 2d platformer that relies on backtracking to reach new locations after defeating a boss that will allow you to get to locations or areas that were inaccessible previously. Some games slightly deviate from the formula but basically if it plays like the original Metroid or Castlevania games then there is a good chance it is considered a Metroidvania.

As for how Gato Roboto plays, it does quite well: Getting around is very easy, secrets are rewarding to find but not so difficult that you can never find them, and the areas between bosses are the right kind of difficult where they challenge you but won’t hold you up too much as to cause frustration. The map is easy to understand and there’s a nice timer that will push even a casual player to speedrun. Also, the bosses themselves aren’t too difficult, so there shall be no comparison to a certain game series that is renown for having difficult bosses.

Final Thoughts

Gato Roboto  certainly stands among the greats as a metroidvania that does what the genre does and does it well. and with Metroid not seemingly having a new game within its own genre coming out (federation force NEVER HAPPENED), this will help tide the hunger. For now.



  • It's a very well done metroidvania
  • Controls are nice and tight
  • Little to no handholding (YMMV)


  • The art style may put you off
  • Little to no handholding (YMMV)