Olivier Derivière and Get Even Pioneer Real Time Generated Music

When you hear the word “generated” in games, you tend to think of flops such as No Man’s Sky, but developer The Farm 51 and composer Olivier Derivière are taking our preconceptions in a totally different direction.

Reactive music has been dabbled with before in the likes of the  recent DOOM (2016), changing depending on the actions of the player. However, Get Even aims to be the first videogame that both generates music from the environment and reacts to the player. Oliver’s discography includes some award winning tracks, including those of Remember Me and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag‘s DLC: Freedom Cry.

“Through the use of real-time MIDI, live musicians recorded in ambi-sonics, and other audio tricks, the gaming environment itself is now an orchestra waiting to be conducted, and everything in it is a potential instrument,” says Derivière. With a combination of organic electronics, live orchestra, all recorded in 3D audio, it will be interesting to see how well Get Even may amplify its immersion.

For more details about the psychological thriller Get Even (that seems to feature some kind of VR headset in game) check out the trailer below, and the official website.

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