Get Ready to Race Into The Rocket Pro League

If you are a major Rocket League player or just like the occasional game this is news for you: Rocket league has announced their Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 3 and you can be apart of it! So you can either join in the competition or watch from afar but either way this is going to be an explosive series.

RLCS Season 3 registration opens this week on February 9, and players will be signing up to compete for the biggest prize pool yet! If you win you will be swimming in $300,000, that’s enough money to get you an actual pool. Competition starts off on March 4th and 5th so start practicing your driving skills and your soccer skills, preferably together.

First, the Oceanic Region is being added into the competition, allowing players from Australia, New Zealand and more to have a chance to compete in the World Championship. Registration for Oceania will begin a bit later than NA and EU, with additional details on this region’s competition to be announced in the next few weeks. We may be smaller than other Regions but I guess that just makes us the Down Underdogs.

If you aren’t a pro gamer I understand, everyone says I’m not good either but they are wrong. For you, an RLCS weekly talk show launches in mid-March, to cover all things Rocket League esports. Details including day and time for the show will be announced in the next few weeks.

More RLCS information will be parking up at The Insatiable Gamer so make sure you stay tuned to get your fix. If you want to read in further check out their blog here


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