This title is exclusive to PC and was reviewed as such. 

Do you ever just take a shower and think “Damn, what if someone made a game where Cthulhu works in an office and uses just one tentacle to do weird, pointless tasks!”? Yeah, me neither. But the thought wandered around the heads of Godly Corp’s developers, and gave birth to a rather tentaculous game!

tyrant background music plays

I think you have already established that this isn’t your usual casual game, and let me tell you that even titles like Surgeon Simulator and Octodad look ordinary compared to Godly Corp. You play as an intern in an intergalactic corporation that manages the universe, facing everyday challenges with your one tentacle, you must perform office tasks and get through difficulties until the end of your shift. The game isn’t story-driven, but I wish it would present what story there is in-game to set some kind of atmosphere to the gameplay, rather than just putting it on the Steam page.

Some shi—stuff is about to go down

Godly Corp’s visuals are actually pretty nice, despite what the posters and trailer might imply—yes, the developers didn’t advertise the game well. This is thanks to its decent colour palettes, original environment design, and especially beautiful lighting. It is also pretty well-optimised, so you shouldn’t have a problem running it on your toaster. Still though, there were some bad aspects. For instance, I think the tentacle should have gotten more love and attention, and level’s key objects should have been highlighted more. I didn’t enjoy the sound management as well: sound effects feel imposed and noisy, and the ambient soundtracks are messy and don’t last long.

Multitasking™. It’s hard.

The game is played in the form of levels, and each level earn you a higher rank in your internship, as well as money (which you can’t use, apparently) depending on how well you did. In every level, you’re assigned a task to do until the end of your shift, and you don’t start until you understand the instructions enough and press the “Start” button. Each shift gets harder than the last, and you’ll need to start multitasking in order not to fail. I really love how the difficulty escalates in each level, every time you think you’ve got a hold of the controls and everything, the game presents a harder challenge to break you down, it’s really fun and non-repetitive. Most of your tasks rely on your tentacle (which is aesthetically customisable by the way), you push buttons, fire guns, control drones, spray bottles, etc… and in the meantime, you rotate worlds or move stuff with normal controls, depending on what your instructions are. There is also an AI voice that talks to you throughout levels, it’s pretty funny and I enjoyed having it as company while I cracked my head on the job. It’s also available in the options menu in the game, and it’s actually very helpful, as it tells you what a setting does as soon as you change it—or, if it’s very obvious, it cracks a joke.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I think Godly Corp is a very enjoyable game, and I look forward to seeing how the developers will expand in the story and add more levels and features. I loved how tentacle control is very sharp and logical, and I haven’t seen any major bugs that could ruin the fun I had playing the game, which is remarkable for a title of this sort. I really hope that it gets better advertisement though, because the trailer and posters are pretty horrible and could be a turn-off for some people.



  • Fun challenging gameplay
  • Hilarious AI voice
  • Tentacle control
  • Level design and task variety


  • Terrible advertising


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