This title was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

A long long time ago The Bitmap Brothers made a game called GODS. Which put you in the shoes of an unnamed Greek hero looking to find his way into Godhood. Fast forward nearly 30 years later and Robot Riot UG went out of their way to remaster the title with the blessing and support of one of the Bitmap Brothers’ members themselves. Robot Riot UG describes the project as 50% fan made because they enjoyed the original so much themselves during childhood. Will this remaster live up to expectations? Read on and find out you beautiful reader you!

Art style/sound

Let’s jump right into it then. Firstly the art style is pretty well presented and the touch ups are rather impressive, breathing life into a game which by today’s standards would admittedly be rather bland. And the music is rather amazing as well.

However upon doing some research I was loathe to find out some of the better songs from the original soundtrack weren’t able to be used in the game due to licensing issues. Ugh come on man, it’s for the fans! That is just a personal gripe and the game isn’t actually any better or worse for it.

If this doesn’t scream 90’s game about Greece I don’t know what does


GODS’ gameplay remains faithful to the original release. They kept the design decisions the original team made, for better or worse, which includes players losing certain items between levels because the developers didn’t want those items to ruin the balance of the level through sequence breaking. As for the game itself it plays much like your typical side scrolling action platformer and there honestly isn’t much to say about that. The enemies can be frustrating sometimes but I found that it spurred me on to better rise to the challenge rather than back away out of annoyance.

Final thoughts

Honestly, GODS Remastered is a real mixed bag. It’s been touched up really well and looks nice and pretty, but when you strip that all away the core gameplay is a mostly forgettable awkwardly aged mess that can cause more frustration than fun. When compared to the likes of Metroid II which was released not long after, this title just doesn’t hold up. Honestly this game is only really for people who have nostalgia for early 90’s games and you probably shouldn’t bother with it if you’re more happy with the modern fare.



  • Faithful remaster for fans
  • The new soundtrack is good
  • The new art style looks quite appealing too


  • The gameplay is very dated
  • The AI (which was great for the time) is broken by today’s standards
  • Almost too much effort was put into making sure the game was as close to the original as possible.

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