I stumbled across Golem Rage during one of my classic “Field Research Outings”, in other words: I trawl through Social Media looking at things that take my fancy. Golem Rage was one such thing. No ads, a one off cost and it looked fun – so let’s dive in. (If you haven’t already, check out our interview with the dev right here)

Golem Rage puts you in control of -believe it or not- a golem. Described as a runner-brawler with inspiration from Paper Mario and Castle Crashers, Golem Rage is a fast paced, action packed mobile game done right. Levels are chosen through a world map and consist of objective based missions, standard runner-brawler missions and a whole heap of fun. The game controls incredibly well, and it’s obvious from looking at the dev’s Twitter feed, that they put a lot of time and effort into updates and future content. The game is not free to play – but with a one time purchase, no ads and a dev dedicated to future content… Well, I think it’s worth the price.

Where to begin? Positives? Negatives? Okay positives first, you cheeky little buggers.


From a purely visual perspective, Golem Rage is a 10/10 cutie. The graphics are clean and crisp, and the devs have clearly used the most of a smaller budget to develop a game that people will not only play, but also enjoy.


As mentioned earlier in this witty, charismatic, humourous review: the controls are excellent, the various attacks, and movements all worked as they should. I played this title on an iPad Pro, and even on the larger screens – I had no issues.

Overall Gameplay:

Consisting of a large number of replayable levels, a range of attacks for combat and so much more, Golem Rage will get you hooked and keep you hooked. Levels are timed, and each level has three tiers of rewards. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Beat the Gold time and get the Gold medal. Simple, but addictive and fun.


Aaaaah, sound. It can make or break a game. In most mobile games, sound is often overlooked. People usually prefer their own beats while on the go – Golem Rage is greatly complemented by its soundtrack and effects, but can stand alone without them just as well – if you feel like listening to a bit of Jay or Bey while rampaging.

In terms of negatives, I honestly don’t have many. Something that was a big bother to me though, was the rendering of the level select screen. Compared to the rest of the visuals, it felt subpar and rushed. The rest of the game is so nice and clean, it really sticks out – and I hate to say it – like a sore thumb. My only other gripe would have to be the fact that there’s no console version. (yet)(?)

If you’re looking for a low-cost, action-packed, golem-toting game for on the go, then Golem Rage comes with the Mr. Mike tick of approval. It’s fun, it’s cute and most importantly: It has a dedicated developer. Go buy it on your device right now. No excuses.



  • Fun
  • Action packed
  • Interesting twist on the genre


  • Main screen


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