Good Night, Knight Preview – And goodnight to you!

This title is currently available on PC and was previewed as such.

Good Night, Knight, developed by Red Ember, is a quirky comedic dungeon crawler. Before I get into the preview, I just want to mention that this game is still in Early Access so there will be updates that will change aspects of the game. My history with dungeon crawlers is not very long. There was a game way back in the day, whose name I forget, that I was addicted to even though it constantly showed me that it was the boss, not me! I definitely got my ass kicked. Good Night, Knight also gave me a challenge as I had to get used to the creative controls set out in the game.


You play as a knight who falls from a spire in the sky down to land. You are greeted by a typical old man, who tasks you to go through the dungeons…of course! The dialogue within the game is mostly comedy, which definitely led to me having a few chuckles while playing, it also takes a few clichés from RPGs and pokes light-hearted fun at them adding to the overall comedic feel.


The combat in Good Night, Knight requires a bit of skill and just spamming the attack button won’t help, which is a pleasant surprise. It’s the type of game that rewards you for learning your enemies’ patterns, by working out how to take them down, or capturing enemy parts. The game features a stamina bar that is now a common appearance in this type of hack and slash action game. If you run out of stamina you cannot perform any moves. From sneaking to dodging, through to blocking, there are multiple ways to approach any combat situation.

So, I mentioned something a little odd in that last paragraph, “Capturing enemy parts”. If you’re stealthy you can sneak up on enemies and grab them to take parts. These parts can then be used to upgrade your equipment.

Good Night, Knight’s dungeon crawling aspect comes from the fact that you will enter a room to beat the enemies, and then you may be faced with multiple doors to pass through. These doors can then contain more enemies, treasure chests, or helpful NPC’s. After crawling through all the rooms on a dungeon floor, you can then traverse deeper into the unknown to explore…you guessed it, another dungeon! The game also features a rogue like element, in that if you happen to cark it during combat you get to keep all the items you have amassed, and you will start back at your camp.

At your camp there are a number of tasks you can do, such as visiting the Smith to upgrade items or equipment or visit the food station. The food station is a big feature of this game, and you can set this so that every time you sleep your health is regenerated at the cost of food, or that your health can only increase to 50% at the cost of no food – this is great when you feel like being stingy and keeping hold of those apples (at least they look like apples..) If you’re feeling a bit risky, or fancy a deep delve into the dungeons, you can increase your health to over 100% at the expense of more food.


Good Night, Knight uses a pixelated 16-Bit graphics style which complements the old school dungeon crawler feel. There’s a surprising amount of detail to the game, especially with the dungeons the game managed to really capture the essence of what a dungeon should be. As you get deeper into the dungeons, the game somehow adds a claustrophobic feel which is incredible (unless that was just me though…). The sound of the game is a simple yet pleasant backdrop to the game. In some ways, the sound seems of a high quality especially when compared to the graphics.


Good Night, Knight is a solid dungeon crawler with combat that requires attention to gameplay and allows for multiple combat approaches to be taken. It’s a thoughtfulness that really helps make the game for me, as so often there are games that require no skill as long as you can bash that key fast enough! The food station is also quite a unique feature that I haven’t come across before and surprised me in that it’s a really cool idea. If you are a fan of dungeon crawlers, this game is worth checking out and keeping an eye on!

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