Grab Your Friends and Try The New Spelunker Party Demo!

Today on your Nintendo Switch you have the chance to try the new fun and exciting Spelunker Party game. Spelunker Party is a brand new platform adventure game that allows you to run through stages┬ásolo or with friends in offline co-operative gameplay. This demo is only a sneak peek of whats to come but by the looks of it, it will be adding to the Switch’s ever growing roster of impressive games.

Spelunker Party follows the story of Spelunkette and her friends as they explore dangerous dungeons. Watch out for traps as you and unto 3 other friends will have to dodge pitfalls, boulders and dangerous foes as you try to make it to safety.

If the demo isn’t enough for you, good news, you only have to wait until October the 19th for the full digital version on PC and Switch. For more information regarding Spelunker Party click here.

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