Hexologic  is a small addition-based casual puzzle game developed by MythicOwl and released on Steam, App Store, and Google Play on May 29th, 2018, and on Nintendo Switch on June 12th, 2018. Now, I’m not usually the biggest fan of these types of small, “time-waster” games — I’m more of a story-based experience kinda guy — but man, this game is freaking fun!

In Hexologic, you play through sixty levels (or seventy-two if you count the bonus levels), in which the player is given different numbers at the edges of a shape made out of hexagons. The player can then click on each hexagon to add a value — up to three — to it, and has to make the values of all the hexagons in a straight line add up to the corresponding number at the end of said line. I’ve never seen a game like this before, so I was pleasantly surprised with how original this game’s puzzle concept is. The levels get more and more difficult as they progress, with the difficulty at the beginning being on the level of first-grade math problem, and by the end becoming a test of patience when you realize that one or two rows doesn’t add up properly and you have to redo pretty much the entire level. Plus, later levels add linked blocks, so if you change the value of one, others with the same coloured outline will take on the same value, meaning you’ll have to think out the entire level based on that. It really is a challenge, and nearly every level had me lost in thought trying to figure out the solution!

Hexologic is also pretty nice on the eyes! Its bright, colourful nature is definitely a part of why it’s so hard to put down. The level select screen is one long, gorgeous piece of art that starts in the bottom of the ocean, and ends at a temple at the top of a tall mountain. It’s makes you feel like you’ve gone on an adventure of sorts while solving these puzzles, and makes success feel that much more satisfying! And don’t get me started on the music! The game uses the same nice, soothing song throughout, but its varied with different instruments and melodies as you progress higher and higher through the world on the level select screen, and it makes for a great experience that’s always familiar yet always different and never repetitive.

The final verdict? Hexologic absolutely blew me away and was better than anything I expected it to be! I never thought I could love a casual puzzle game as much as I’ve loved this one, and with MythicOwl’s plan to have Steam Workshop implemented so players can share user-created levels, its staying power is just going to get stronger! If you like puzzle games and want a unique experience, Hexologic is the way to go! At less than five dollars on Steam, you’re definitely going to get what you paid for and more!



  • Fun, unique puzzles
  • A great challenge
  • Eye-pleasing visuals
  • Nice, soothing music



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