HorD in all of its pixelated glory consists of you playing as a nameless protagonist commonly referred to as “Jack***”. In your first time running through the game, the tutorial gets straight to the point and gives you the background story and objective of the game which for me is too basic. Kill everyone in the gang base you miraculously located, stock up and take the low class drug known as Flow to then obtain the highest score possible whilst avoiding death.

You have three health bars and three flow bars, when you obtain three flow packs you enter a mode called “Flow Motion” which takes you back to memories of your school disco with the flashy lights and some nice “disco-disco” techno music in the background. Only difference being is, instead of staring at girls opposite you awkwardly wondering who will ask who to dance first, you have an upgraded mini-gun in your hands and you are exterminating all of the various waves of gang members, drug dealers, SWAT & terrifying Nightmares in all its gory glory.

To the games credit I enjoyed the “Flow Motion” concept & also when your player is sent into a “RAAAAGE”, this activates when you lose all of your health bars and you are sent into a spiralling axe killing rampage for about 10 seconds. This is the equivalent to an extra life and is classed as your “Last Chance”. The added music, colours and weapon boosts when you enter these modes are put to good use and get your heart rate pumping that little bit faster.

HorD does show some promise however as expected with a game that took hOSHI just three months to publish it lacks in a number of areas. Objectives, levels and additional customizations with weapons would possibly benefit the game. But for me without a protagonist that players can take an interest in, you are effectively making an addictive shooter that should be destined for mobile mediocrity. At 2.49NZD, HorD is basic in the sense of gameplay; repetitive, addictive and it has a few features that give you hope that the game can potentially grow to be something more. I would say the game was just worth the cheeseburger that was sacrificed to purchase and whilst as it stands HorD would better suit mobile, you could be forgiven adding this to your steam library to kill 5-10 minutes waiting for an update to other PC games.



  • Flow Motion & Raaage modes add depth to an ordinary indie game
  • Records your high scores
  • Costs you a cheeseburger (2.49NZD) to purchase


  • No protagonist
  • Story & objectives too basic resulting in game better suited for mobile
  • Minimum PC requirements are INSANE
  • You have to give up a cheeseburger to purchase

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