Hoverloop Early Access Preview: The game that brings Love & Hate of drones together

Now weather you “love em or hate em”, Hoverloop is a game focused around the destruction of drones on a multitude of levels with various game modes making it an all out single & multiplayer arcade arena combat based game.

Developed & Published by Not A Company, a few of us from TIG were lucky enough to get some game time with the developers and a handful of people across the globe to discuss and experience some of the game. Having worked on Hoverloop for over 18 months the game that was funded through kickstarter, for the most part was an enjoyable game that between friends you could spend a number of hours destroying each others drones in deathmatch before moving onto one of the 7 other game mode.

Whether you are destroying drones in Assault, Battle Royale or going for a completely different type of game and working your way through the obstacle courses or having a friendly game of Air Hockey, Hoverloop has you covered.

With a nice arsenal of weapons, varied number of drones and maps on offer the early access to the game is showing significant promise. As with all early access games, there are always room for improvements which I found to be focused around the controls & aesthetics. In once sense I loved the controls which allow you to attack from almost any angle however at the same time I could often find myself spinning out of control and unable to get any form of accurate aim due to that same intense floating. The aesthetics are beautiful as you can see however if you are not running a top of the line PC then unfortunately you will have to lower your quality settings of the game to allow smooth gameplay, this was specifically for me in online mode however in single player it ran very smooth with higher quality.

Hoverloop is an exciting, fun and high paced game still in early access and if the fan base can grow, this game will become a nice online multiplayer game that can be played among friends around the world. The game has solo available should that be your style however the banter among friends whilst destroying their drone… It doesn’t get better! I for one cannot wait to see as this game develops and am hopeful that Not A Company are able to get the reach they need for the game to expand.


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  1. Mike Pockey - July 11, 2018 at 7:51 am

    Looks like so much fun. Never heard of this game before, but based on this read I’d love to try it!

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