Impact Winter to Arrive in More Than 30 Days

If this is the first time hearing of Impact Winter, I don’t blame you, I’m in the same blizzard. Mojo Bones, who I’d also never heard of, are the creative minds behind such mobile games as The Voyage, The Curse, and Tongue Tied!, which all seem to be puzzle games. Now, in what I assume is a bolt of inspiration cooked up from the likes of The Long Dark and This War of Mine, they’re trying their hand at a PC and console game in the form of Impact Winter.

In a world struck by a devastating meteor, Jacob Solomon must discover his purpose and survive until help can arrive, but he isn’t alone. Members of a small community holed up in a church are there to help keep his sanity. In return you must also help them survive the 30 days until said help arrives in the dangerous winter.

Unfortunately, those of you who have been following Impact Winter will have to again wait a little over 30 days until launch. Originally slated for release today, Mojo Bones’ foray into bigger titles has been delayed to the 23rd of May. Console users will still be expecting it later this year, hopefully.

For more information on Impact Winter, check out the trailer below and the official website.

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