This game was reviewed on Nintendo Switch, but is also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

Inside My Radio is a 2D puzzle platformer developed by Seaven Studio and published by Iceberg Interactive which incorporates music as its main gameplay element. Do you enjoy music with a good beat and also have rhythm skills? This game will be right up your alley if so! Have no fear if rhythm isn’t your forte, the game is very lenient with its checkpoint system allowing you to hone your skills as you progress. You play as a colourful LED stuck inside a boombox who is dying, and your quest is to find out why! In a cyberpunk-esque world with bright neon lights, make your way through puzzles that gradually increase in difficulty. Enter the world of the Boombox!


Your LED characters will traverse the levels in the boombox by moving left and right, jumping, dashing and most entertaining of all… body slamming! The major twist that Inside My Radio incorporates is the necessity to use the movement functions in time to the rhythm of the song. If you mistime these actions to the rhythm, your character falters and won’t move. This is not ideal when you are being chased by a huge spider, and your character refuses to jump up the ledge because you can’t get your timing right! This was particularly difficult when my natural instinct to run from giant spiders made it difficult to concentrate on the beat, and I was spamming the buttons on my controller in an attempt to get my character to move. Needless to say, this didn’t work and I was defeated by the giant spider…multiple times. Luckily for me and anyone else who isn’t rhythmically inclined (or for when you’re panicking at the threat of a giant arachnid) there is a rhythm helper that you can turn on through the press of a button. This brings up a little metronome-like feature around your character to help with your timing. Your controller will also vibrate to assist with when to press the buttons. Tip: closing your eyes can help you get the rhythm before carrying on with the level.

Across the game you will encounter other LEDs who are trapped in stone. You will free these characters and play as them on the next level to learn their story. They each have their own style of music which will play on their level, almost like changing channels on your radio. Every change of level introduces new puzzles to the mix. The most basic puzzle element is your typical platformer where you have to work out how to get across or up and down gaps. This progresses into puzzles requiring you to exactly mimic the beat of the song, and to pick the correct juke boxes. There are also mini games that pop up, with one that is very similar to the concept of Guitar Hero where you have to be on the right sound bar at the right time.


Inside My Radio is visually wonderful. The neon lighting and cyberpunk-like aesthetics merge together seamlessly making them look like they were destined to be put together. The music in the game is the strongest aspect, with the emphasis on beat to make sure they are catchy, with the style of music ranging from electro through to disco. Awkwardly, I enjoyed the music so much that I even started vocalising my own beats which interfered with my focus and led to a few failures.


Although short in length, Inside My Radio provides a fun unique experience that will appeal to anyone wanting a well put together rhythm platformer. With superb graphics and creative sounds, you will feel yourself getting into sync with the game and it’s surprising just how much time can pass as you play. Whether you dabble with platformers, or are a platforming god, I would highly recommend you add this game to your collection!



  • Fun gameplay
  • Awesome music
  • Unique game mechanics
  • You’re in a Boombox!


  • Short story (I want more!)
  • May deter people who aren’t keen on rhythm

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