Interview with Daniel Hall – Logitech ANZ

After the announcement of the new G560 RGB Speakers from Logitech G we were excited to have a chat with Daniel Hall, Cluster Category Manager of Logitech ANZ.

The G560 speakers are the latest desktop audio peripherals out of Logitech G and are available now. After years in the peripheral market space and countless speaker systems, these are the first gaming specific speakers from Logitech G. The G560 is a 2.1 channel configuration, sporting DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound to provide precise and intense positional audio. With USB, 3.5mm and Bluetooth connectivity options these will make for an adaptable statement piece for any desk set up. RGB lighting is more than just the icing on top, with LIGHTSYNC enabled RGB you can expect a truly immersive experience in game or liven up otherwise bland gatherings. As far as stand out gaming gear goes you can’t go past anything RGB, it’s 2018 after all.


Questions and Answers

Daniel was kind enough to give some insights and answer a few key questions regarding the G560 speakers:

Robbie: Logitech has always been a leader in the PC sound space, the Z623 being my own personal favourite. Being the first gaming speakers from Logitech G, what was the inspiration behind the G560?
Daniel: We wanted to extend the same experience and level of customisation gamers have come to expect from Logitech G to their desktop speakers. Using Logitech’s Gaming Software you have complete control over the G560 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Speakers where you can synchronise your lighting effects, adjust EQ levels and assign macros.

Robbie:So the G560 is the first 2.1 system out of Logitech G, will there be a 5.1 with LIGHTSYNC or is that too much RGB to handle?
Daniel: There is no such thing as too much RGB!

Robbie: LIGHTSYNC is a brilliant implementation of RGB lighting into a product to add function as opposed to just pure aesthetics. What games are currently supported and are there plans to expand?
Daniel: The current list of games are as follows and we are continuously working with game developers to further support more titles:

· Battlefield 1

· Civilization VI

· Counter Strike : GO

· Discord

· Dota 2

· Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

· Fortnite

· Grand Theft Auto V

· Killing Floor 2

· Metronomicon

· Tom Clancy’s: The Division

· Total War: Warhammer II

Robbie: Expanding on that last question, are there also any plans to release an SDK for enthusiasts to tinker around with lighting control even further?

Daniel: Absolutely! All our SDKs are readily available and we encourage enthusiasts to further customise and integrate with Logitech’s Gaming Software & products.

Robbie: You guys seem to love taking over everyone’s desk space with peripherals, are there any plans to dive into the monitor space at some point?
Daniel: We are focused on enhancing the gamers experience through our core expertise, peripherals. However that’s not to say that we will never expand beyond this if the opportunity made sense and fits our strategies.

Robbie: Being such huge sponsors in the esports realm, what are your personal favourite competitive games to watch?

Daniel: Right now we’re watching a lot of CS:GO & Overwatch comps. PUBG is the favourite game in the office!


The G560 Gaming speakers are available right now with an MSRP of $349.90. Myself personally I’m excited to see how well this actually useful implementation of RGB lighting fares. As much as flashing coloured lights are cool, purposeful flashing coloured lights are significantly cooler!

For more information have a look at our press release here or check out the product page on the Logitech G website here.


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