Interview with Zachary Klegon from oddByte – Creators of Rogues Like Us

Matthew, not content with just reviewing a great game (Check out his review here) had an e-sit down with Zachary Klegon from oddByte. Creators of Rogues Like Us.

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Matthew: Why did you decide to set the game within medieval times?

Zachary: I think we liked the combination of having fantasy with some elements of technology in the world, it was just something that naturally came about through development of the game. Part of it can probably be attributed to us wanting the game to be more melee focused, leading to us making swords and other melee weapons that fit naturally in a fantasy environment, and then we built off of that.
Matthew: What are some of the challenges when balancing the different weapons when the core game has only a handful of attacks?
Zachary: We wanted to make sure things didn’t feel same-y when using different weapons.The weapons ended of being split into power tiers and in addition to that each weapon was given a proficiency of some kind to make them stand out more from one another (focus on blast/slam/etc.). Matt Bearup, who did the balancing, did a really good job I think of making each weapon have a unique feel. Despite there only being a few moves, some additional variables that could be messed with were the weapons length, its swing speed/player move speed, and what kind of swing type (of 5) the weapon had.
Matthew: How did you go about randomizing the levels and enemies to keep the game balanced?
Zachary When you first start the game generally you’ll only encounter green enemies, our lowest tier. It’s not until you start of having successful runs that the additional tiers of our core enemies start to appear and scale up the difficulty. It’s also very rare to encounter shrines in the first stage of the game, these were both done to allow players to more slowly encounter new content and features. We also set Dungeon Architect (the map generation system we used) to place the boss/exit portals as far from the beginning of the map (travel distance wise, it’s actually possible I think for it be visable from spawn rarely haha) as it can in the allotted map size so players will likely have to encounter normal enemies along the way.
Matthew: The rogue-like elements kind of reminded me of a free loot-box system. What was your inspiration and reasoning for this?
Zachary: We thought this would be a fun way to randomly give players gear. It also let us allow players a greater chance at getting what they want by providing them with the ability to purchase specific chests with an in-game currency that bosses drop. Having the unlocks be random allows multiple players to have different experiences with the meta-progression of the game. We were definitely inspired by games like Overwatch and Heros of the Storm (Ape Escape 2 actually used a similar system too), but since we’re not making money from them that gave us the ability to remove elements that players might not find fun, like duplicate drops.
Matthew: How do you ensure that players keep coming back to your game?
Zachary: Every time you run through the game it randomizes itself, so players get a bit of different experience each time. Each level has 2 potential bosses to see and there’s over 150 unlockable items in the game, so as you keep playing there’s always some new things being introduced.
Matthew: What plans do you have for the future of oddByte?
Zachary: We’re currently planning on adding achievements to the game as well starting to look into console ports, most likely starting with the Xbox One.

Personal Questions

Zachary: I’m terrible about favorites haha
Favorite Place: I think the house I grew up in
Favorite Game: Fallout: New Vegas or Final Fantasy X
Favorite Film: Jaws or Back to the Future
Been to New Zealand: I haven’t but it looks beautiful! I think it would be cool to go there one day
A huge thanks to Zachary for taking the time to answer all of our questions, if you haven’t checked out Rogues Like Us we strongly recommend it! Pick it up on Steam here.

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