When it comes to dancing video games,  Ubisoft’s Just Dance is the only dancing game we’ve ever heard of. In fact it’s the only dancing game that we have ever played. We’ve done a couple of Zumba and dance fitness classes at our local gym, and Just Dance 2018 is a fantastic alternative for people who want to get their sweat on or who just love to dance without the scrutinising looks of strangers.

Just Dance doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t, you’re not forced into a career as a backstage dancer for Britney Spears and you’re not on the streets looking for a dance battle; it’s a simple game with responsive mechanics and beautiful visuals. We played on the Playstation Pro using the Playstation 4 Camera and apart from some initial setup difficulties (We had to move around the camera till it could see us properly) we had very few issues being recognised and it was a seamless dancing experience. With hits ranging from new to old, fast to slow there’s something for everyone and that’s what makes the game so easy to pick up and play.

One of the main drawing points for us when looking into the game was the Just Dance: Unlimited subscription service. Bringing 300 additional songs to the game to go along with your pre-stocked 40 titles, this is a huge number of songs you can learn and work out to, you only pay for the service if you feel the need and we were given a 90- day trial upon starting up the game and will definitely be continuing the subscription. The simplistic approachable nature to the gameplay is what won us over in the end; with a simple to navigate menu system you just select the song and dance. You can play with up to 4 people and either search the songs yourself or play pre comprised playlists. You can rack up coins and stars to increase your player level, or get your heat on and burn some calories with Sweat mode.

Another exciting feature added to Just Dance 2018 is Dance Lab, which replaces Just Dance Machine. (That only debuted in Just Dance 2017, omg scandal) Whilst lacking the potential of a plot to the series that Machine brought us, Just Dance Lab is a fun and intuitive way to have a little fun whilst dancing the night away. Dane Lab has you switching through a series of roles as animals and professionals but sadly doesn’t include any storyline so to speak of; which seems to be a regression from the direction that Just Dance Machine appeared to be heading in.

Down to the nitty gritty; Just Dance, delivers a fantastic and intuitive experience which brings the joy of dance into the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. But it is not without its faults, we initially had some issues with the camera setup but managed to move the camera to the floor which helped with the sensing. Another minor issue that we came across was the camera losing us whilst dancing, seemingly sometimes having no issue seeing us but yet others in the exact same position not reading our positions. Apart from this and some minor inconveniences in the way every song ends with points and an odd gambling system that you pay for with tokens, Just Dance 2018 delivers exactly what it sets out to. A colourful, interactive dancing and fitness game that anyone can pick up and play. From a complete stranger to video games to the hardcore (If they’re game).



  • Fun
  • Easy to play
  • Easy to start
  • Calorie Burner


  • Camera Issues
  • Gambling System?
  • Dancing is harder than it looks

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